Arch on Easy Mode

Aight so I’ve spent the last week getting cozy with EndeavourOS logo EndeavourOS, and I have to say: it’s been a delight.

Coming from a history of distro-hopping that includes:

I’ve never encountered such a user-friendly distro. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting that beginners should dive straight into EndeavourOS, but if you’ve already got the Linux basics down, this distro is a complete gem!

EndeavourOS is essentially Arch but with a good installer.

Installing software is as easy as hitting Super + Enter (yes, I’m an i3 user) and typing

yay fuzzy-name-of-app

Pick the number that better matches your desired package/script, and voilà, it just installs like magic. I’ve heard of people talking about the AUR as if it’s something magical and now I finally see why. I am yet to want to install something that’s not either on the official/extra repos, the AUR or in a Flatpak in Flathub.

Also, coming Fedora, I am used to dnf being really quite slow (now being fixed with dnf5, but still) so using pacman is a breath of fresh air.

EndeavourOS has been really plug & play. I haven’t experienced any major glitches or encountered weird issues that forced me to delve into a rabbit hole of old threads for minutes or even hours yet.

Everything has just… worked… really.

Also, I do want to install something like Artix manually some day, and I think getting used to EndeavourOS is a good starting point for that.